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Want to know more about the Posted Workers Directive, how to simplify your employees' travel assessments or other related topics? We have created helpful resources to keep you up to date.

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White paper: Posted Workers Directive

International and cross-border business is becoming more important every day. The secondment of employees abroad is therefore also increasing and is the most normal thing in the world for many organizations.

Whatever the reason — assembling a machine, a business visit, or employment with a local contract — many rules must be met in order to employ workers abroad. Especially now that the Posted Worker Directive is actively regulated by European governments, there will be additional administrative burdens for Human Resources or Global Mobility professionals.

But what exactly does the Posted Worker Directive entail and which rules must be complied with? In this white paper we discuss the most important requirements.

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White paper: Understanding the rights of Posted Workers

The Posted Workers Directive plays a crucial role in safeguarding the rights and fair treatment of workers who are temporarily posted by their employers to work in another EU member state.

In this white paper, we will delve into the rights that posted workers enjoy under the Posted Workers Directive. We will provide information about their core employment conditions, working time rights, pay and remuneration, occupational health and safety, collective rights, equal treatment, and access to information.

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Whitepaper Simplify travel assessments

White paper: Simplifying your employees' travel assessments

The necessity to streamline and simplify your business travel assessment process becomes apparent. The laborious and manual nature of the current approach not only costs valuable time, but also poses challenges such as the potential for errors, security risks associated with extensive data collection, and the constant struggle to maintain compliance. Do you want to learn how you can simplify your employees' travel assessments? This white paper will tell you!

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