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The Financial Risks of Non-Compliance with the Posted Workers Directive
This article explores the various financial implications associated with non-compliance and underscores the importance of adherence to the directive.
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The 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions About the Posted Workers Directive
This article provides an overview of the Posted Workers Directive, an EU legislation that regulates the employment conditions of workers temporarily posted by their employer to work in another EU member state.
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Revolutionizing Travel and Immigration Management
This article explores the intricate landscape of travel and immigration management for organizations engaged in frequent international business travels. From navigating diverse immigration laws to ensuring compliance with the Posted Workers Directive, the complexities can be overwhelming. Discover how Brisa revolutionizes travel compliance and empowers organizations to navigate the challenges of global mobility effortlessly.
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Update on travel basics and reporting obligations
It is time again to review and update our basic travel information and reporting obligations. Therefore, you will notice some changes and updates in the coming weeks, both regarding the results of the travel obligation check and the travel reasons, which we have updated and supplemented based on multiple requests.
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