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Revolutionizing Travel and Immigration Management

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In an era where Human Resources and Global Mobility departments grapple with escalating travel compliance challenges, Brisa emerges as a strategic ally. The expansion of laws and regulations surrounding immigration amplifies the workload for these departments. Moreover, the active enforcement of the European Posted Worker Directive mandates precise registrations to avoid severe penalties. Brisa is purposefully designed to tackle these challenges, offering a secure online environment where travel managers and travelers can effortlessly assess travel requirements and apply for necessary documents.

The complexities of travel management

The landscape of travel and immigration management for organizations involved in frequent international business travel is complex, multifaceted, and often challenging. This complexity arises from several key factors.

1. Diverse immigration laws and regulations

Every country has its own set of immigration laws and regulations, which can change frequently and without much notice. Organizations must stay updated on visa requirements, work permits, residency rules, and other legal necessities for each country where they operate. This requires a deep understanding of local laws and often assistance from local legal experts.

2. Compliance requirements

Ensuring compliance with both home country and host country laws is crucial. This includes adhering to tax regulations, employment laws, and social security norms. Non-compliance can lead to legal consequences, financial penalties, and reputational damage.

3. Cultural and language barriers

Operating across different countries involves navigating various cultural norms and language barriers. Misunderstandings or misinterpretations can lead to non-compliance or inefficiencies in processes.

4. Variation in processes and timeframes

The processing time and procedural requirements for visas and work permits can vary greatly between countries. Some processes might be straightforward and quick in one country but lengthy and complex in another. This variability can make planning and resource allocation challenging.

5. Employee well-being and adaptation

Ensuring the well-being of employees who travel frequently is essential. This includes providing support for cultural adaptation, managing travel-related stress, and helping with accommodations and local orientation.

6. Data management and privacy

Managing the personal data of employees across different jurisdictions, each with its own data protection laws (like GDPR in the EU), adds another layer of complexity. Companies need robust systems to handle this data securely and in compliance with various legal standards.

7. Technological integration

Leveraging technology for managing travel and immigration processes is essential but can be complex. Integrating different systems for travel booking, expense management, visa processing, and compliance tracking requires sophisticated IT solutions.

8. Changing political and economic landscapes

Political shifts, economic changes, and events like pandemics can abruptly alter travel and immigration norms, requiring organizations to quickly adapt their strategies and operations.

9. Cost management

Balancing the cost of international travel and assignments, including immigration fees, travel expenses, and accommodation, while maintaining efficiency and compliance, is a significant challenge.

10. Risk management

Identifying and mitigating risks associated with international travel, such as health risks, political instability, or natural disasters, is crucial for the safety and security of traveling employees.

Navigating this complex landscape requires a strategic approach, often involving specialized travel and immigration management services, legal counsel, and technology solutions that can adapt to the dynamic nature of global business travel.

Travel management with Brisa

Brisa is your new transformative solution for navigating the intricate landscape of travel and immigration management in the world of frequent international business travels. Brisa stands out as a comprehensive platform, specifically tailored to streamline the compliance process with crucial regulations such as the Posted Workers Directive. By offering a central hub for managing Posted Worker Notifications, A1 requests, and Visa applications, Brisa significantly eases the burden of legal and administrative tasks associated with international employee assignments within the EU. Brisa’s targeted tools and features are expertly designed to mitigate the complexities and ensure adherence to vital regulations, transforming the way organizations handle travel compliance.

1. Compliance with the Posted Workers Directive

Brisa's platform is tailored to ensure that organizations adhere to the intricate requirements of the Posted Workers Directive, a crucial aspect for companies operating across EU borders.

2. Streamlined document management

Brisa offers features such as streamlined document requests, which simplifies the process of gathering and managing the necessary paperwork for compliance with international work regulations.

3. Brisa's pre-travel assessments

Brisa's assessment tool ensures that all compliance measures are checked and met before an employee begins their international assignment.

4. Brisa's user-friendly interface

Brisa provides a user-friendly interface, making it easier for HR and Global Mobility professionals to navigate the complexities of compliance without needing extensive legal or regulatory knowledge.

5. Integration of technology and expertise

By combining technological solutions with expert insights, Brisa helps organizations to efficiently manage the compliance aspect of international business travel.

6. Optimization of compliance processes

With Brisa, companies can optimize their compliance processes, establishing a legally sound foundation for their global workforce and mitigating risks associated with non-compliance.

Key features of Brisa

1. Pre-travel assessment

  • Brisa's smart pre-travel assessment provides insights into required documents for upcoming business travels.

2. Request travel documents

  • Perform Posted Worker Notifications, A1 Certificate applications, and Visa submissions effortlessly.
  • Utilize Smart Traveler Profiles for efficient applications based on past travel information.

3. Certificates of coverage

  • Brisa indicates the presence of an applicable Certificate of Coverage and allows direct requests.

4. Complete overview

  • Stay in control with overviews of upcoming and active travels and status indicators for document requests.

5. Employee access

  • Empower talent with access to their own Brisa environment for travel document requests, personal information management, and communication.

6. Smart messaging & notifications

  • Communicate with colleagues and Brisa's expert service desk.
  • Receive smart notifications for each assigned travel, ensuring real-time updates.

Pricing and support

Brisa's flexible pricing model includes a fixed license fee per user tier and a fee per travel document request. Various support and onboarding packages are available, offering training sessions and personalized support.

Ready for travel management with Brisa?

Whether you're new to digital travel management or already using a system, Brisa offers a modern and efficient way to manage travel and immigration compliance processes. Contact info@brisatravel.com to embark on a journey with Brisa and revolutionize your organization's approach to compliant traveling.

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