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The most common mistakes in posting workers and how to prevent them

Especially for Human Resources and Global Mobility professionals who want to optimize their travel and immigration processes

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  • The easiest way to do a pre-travel assessment and calculate within 1 minute which travel documents are needed for a travel

  • How to request certificates of coverage and Posted Woker registrations

  • How to automate the travel and immigration process and reduce manual work

  • How you can give ownership to your travelers in order for them to register their personal data themselves

Do you want to offer the best travel and immigration experience for your employees and learn how to reduce your workload?

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Discover how Brisa can help you

Everything you need for a controlled and compliant travel management process

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Pre-travel Assessment

Brisa’s smart pre-travel assessment informs you which documents are needed for an upcoming business travel and when you need to request them for timely acquisition of the required documentation.

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Travel Requests

We offer one centralized way to request travel documentation. Perform all Posted Worker Notifications and VISA requests directly from within your own company dashboard.

Feature icon certificates

Certificates of Coverage

If a travel also requires arranging insurance coverage, Brisa will indicate this. Apply for a Certificate of Coverage – European A1 Certificate or non-EU coverage – straight from Brisa.

Feature icon complete overview

Complete Overview

Always be in control of your staff’s travels with overviews of upcoming and active travels and the status of document requests. Centrally manage all companies within your group or manage travels for each company individually.

Feature icon employee

Employee Access

Give your employees access via a personal account to upload their necessary travel documents, such as a passport or personal information.

Feature icon smart messaging

Smart messaging & notifications

Communicate with both your colleagues and Brisa experts straight from the specific travel entry in case of questions and get live notifications when action needs to be taken.

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