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Question: How long does the implementation of Brisa take?

The platform is cloud-based and is immediately ready for use. No additional server requirements or implementations are required, as Brisa works entirely in the cloud.

However, before the necessary travel documents can be requested, the platform must be set up and tailored to your organization and its traveling staff members. Think about:

  • Configuring company information
  • Creating or importing users who will use the platform
  • Configuring user roles
  • Frequent travel lines should be checked (e.g. in case of visa requests)
  • Determining which travel documents are requested by Brisa or which travel documents you process yourself.

To get started with Brisa, you can request a demo with one of our experts, in which we show how the platform works. Before your company’s Brisa subscription starts, Brisa will host a training session for Global Mobility and/or HR staff of your company to guide you through the system essentials and frequently asked questions.

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