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Question: New features (June 2023)

Brisa is continuously being developed and new features are added to make your travel and immigration process more efficient. In this article we would like to update you on the newest features that will save you more time and help you specify the Brisa platform to your specific needs.

Set notifications preferences

As manager or traveler you would always like to stay on top of the latest updates on the travel. You can configure which notifications you would like to receive by email or within the Brisa app. Managers and bookers receive notifications about the trips or travelers to which they are also assigned as a user. Travelers only receive notifications for their own travels.

You can set up your notifications preferences in your personal account settings.

Visibility missing travel data

We have improved the visibility of any missing travel data, so that even in the editing mode, it is clear which information is missing.

Departure date in overview

In the traveler's profile overview, you can also see the departure dates in past, active and upcoming travels.

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