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Does Brisa support Posted Worker Notifications for all European countries?

Yes, Brisa supports Posted Worker Notifications for all European countries. Additionally, for travels to areas outside of Europe, you can perform VISA requests directly from within your company dashboard as well. And if a travel also requires arranging insurance coverage, Brisa will indicate this and you can apply for European A1 Certificate or non-EU coverage.

Which countries require legal representation?

The following countries require legal representation: Bulgaria, France, Gibraltar, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Romania, Spain and Czech Republic. Legal representation is offered and included in our fees for every of these countries.

Does Brisa offer a training or course on how to use the platform?

Yes. If you are interested in Brisa, we will show you the most important functions during a live demo. When you start onboarding, we offer personal support and the necessary information to make onboarding as smooth as possible.

Can Brisa work with multiple entities?

Brisa allows you to add multiple legal entities within a 'Group'. If desired, each of these legal entities can receive separate invoices. Each employee needs to be set up with the entity they are formally employed at for the Poster Worker Notification to be valid.

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